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I have had the privilege of consulting and presenting to the following organisations. Please note that this is just a sample. I have more references that – for privacy reasons – I cannot list on my website.

  • Cork GAA
  • RTE
  • Irish Life Health
  • Peptalk
  • PSA Academies
  • Titan Wellness
  • Bandon Grammar School
  • North Monastery Secondary School

I can’t recommend Jonny highly enough. He established at the outset not only what my goals were but really understood my lifestyle and my values. Through a supportive relationship with sensible, balanced nutritional advice and regular accountability with meetings and phone contact, I learned how to make healthy food choices and lost weight gradually but sustainably. Thanks Jonny

Caitriona O’ Malley46, Cork (CrossFit member)

I’ve been working with Jonny now since January. I couldn’t speak highly enough of the service he provides. His knowledge is second to none with regards to nutrition and training programmes.

In the months I’ve worked with him I’ve had a new food and training plan as often as I wanted and regularly get a text just to see how I’m getting on. This is outside of our weekly check in and shows that he is genuinely interested in your progress and wellbeing.

Jonny will always encourage me to message me as often as I need if I’m unsure of anything he has given me. We have even met in person a few times just to chat over my nutrition and to make sure we are both happy with the goals we have set. This is so much more than I would ever expect from a coach.

Jonny is the only coach I’ve ever worked with long term and will continue to work with into the future.

The food and training plans are extremely personalised and tailored to each individual.

Signing up with Jonny is the best decision I ever made towards my health. Both physically and mentally

Jonny will always encourage me to message me as often as I need if I’m unsure of anything he has given me. We have even met in person a few times just to chat over my nutrition and to make sure we are both happy with the goals we have set. This is so much more than I would ever expect from a coach.

Jonny is the only coach I’ve ever worked with long term and will continue to work with into the future.

The food and training plans are extremely personalised and tailored to each individual.

Signing up with Jonny is the best decision I ever made towards my health. Both physically and mentally.

Ross Williams Nutrition & Training Client

I have been working with Johnny for around 4 months now. We had an initial meeting, where we discussed what it was I wanted to achieve; ultimately it was to decrease body fat and look to then increase muscle size. From there, he devised a tailored nutrition plan for me, with a wide variety of foods and also included substitutes for certain foods to ensure I didn’t get bored with the plan. It was evidently clear from speaking with him that he is extremely educated on the whole area of nutrition. I decided to trust his process and I couldn’t be happier with the results. About 6 weeks ago, I consulted with him to help devise a strength based gym program, as I was happy with the decrease in body fat. We sat down and discussed in depth the areas I  wanted to improve and from that he helped me design a program, which has resulted in me excelling in the gym. He was also able to provide me with sound advice, regarding an injury I picked up, and suggested certain exercises to help with the rehab. Johnny makes himself available to his clients on a 24/7 basis and does weekly check-ins to help keep you on track. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Aaron Kidney Nutrition & Training Client

I first met with Jonny in February of this year when he visited the company I work with. I decided based on the chat I had with him that day that I wanted to work with him to achieve a goal I had set myself in 2017 but at which i had a failed attempt that was to complete a marathon. Up to this point I never had a good èxperience of a long distance running event.  I always suffered from gastro issues and was always completely wiped out due to gastro intestinal issues for hours after finishing. Jonny worked with me for 2 months getting my nutrition and hydration in order and in june this year i successfully and comfortably completed my marathon event. I was so happy finally to achieve this goal. Not only that but it was the first time in all my years running that I wasn’t completely debilitated by gastro issues post tge event. These issues had always prevented me from signing up for events but now I know what my body needs I feel more confident going forward.

Helena Ryan Nutrition Client and Endurance Runner

I’d known of Jonny from my rugby playing days as we were in the same age grade under age and obviously then as a professional with Munster. From the first meeting for the initial assessment I knew this was going to be different to any other nutrition plan I’d followed in the past due to his attention to detail.

Adherence at the weekends was always my downfall as I’m not as busy as I would be during the week so I find it harder to stay on track. Jonny took this into consideration and worked in different options for the weekend such as an option if I was to be out and about all day, if I was just relaxing at home or even if I wanted to go out for dinner he would be on hand to give his advice on what tod do without being too restrictive.  All the foods I normally eat were included just controlled portion sizes so throughout the 10 weeks I was still eating, chocolate, jellies and even had the odd bit of alcohol thrown in but again this was all tracked and accounted for to ensure I was in a calorie deficit and working towards my end goal.

I would highly recommend Jonny to anyone looking to make a change whether it be physically, mentally, sports performance or whatever your goal may be. Always on hand to answer any questions you may have and the consistent check ins (for me twice a week) really helps you and motivates you to stay on track if you can be a bit flakey with your nutrition like myself.

Patrick Ryan Nutrition Client

It was great for final year students to hear Jonny’s experience of dealing with life challenges and transitions. Our goal was to prepare students for move from college to work life and we were delighted with Jonny’s talk. Students also appreciated Jonny’s open, genuine and entertaining delivery

Mary Rose O’ Sullivan Workshop Organiser & Career Advisor - CIT

Johnny is an unbelievable positive & humble guy. I happened to receive a similar injury which had finished his career. Only for his advice I don’t no would I have mentally been able to try make it back from my second surgery. Everything he said to me made me look at things differently in life which I didn’t recognise before. He may never play again but I’ll guarantee whatever goals he sets he will succeed as he has this never say never attitude which not every person has.

Brian HurleyCork Senior Footballer

When signing up for a nutrition plan with Jonny how each nutrition plan is not only tailored to a client’s goals or objectives, but also how my meal plan included the foods that I love. For me, this immediately made the plans easy to stick to and removed any fears of the plans being overly restrictive or any other negative thoughts which are normally associated with diets and meal plans.

The meal plans I received were structured perfectly so that at no point in the day was I overly hungry. The variety across the different meal plans I received ensured that I never got tired of the diet and therefore found it easy to stick to and it very quickly became second nature, so much so that within a week or two, any cravings for “junk” or unhealthy foods all but disappeared.

My goal when signing up with Jonny was a bit cliché – to gain muscle without body fat increasing too high – and I began to notice subtle changes in my body almost immediately. I was no longer starving throughout the day, I was eating all foods I love and I noticed an increase in energy both in the gym and throughout the day in general.

Perhaps what most impressed me about Jonny is his availability at all times to answer any queries I had. At each check in Jonny took time to discuss my goals as well as advise on any changes to the meal plans. This made the whole experience almost like a “team effort” with Jonny’s approachability being a key factor in this.

What makes Jonny stand out from others is his desire to educate me in the area of nutrition while simultaneously helping me to achieve my goals. Any changes to my meal plan were explained in detail which helped me to understand the reasoning behind the change. This in turn has given me confidence that I any success I have achieved with Jonny will not be short lived – I now feel confident that I will be able to adopt the knowledge I have gained to date and implement them into my diet long-term. While I am absolutely delighted with the progress have made to date with Jonny physically, the knowledge I have taken from the weekly check-ins perhaps the most valuable take away I have from the nutritional coaching experience.

Garry Johnston

I have known Jonny as a player and as an educator.  He is a total professional in everything that he does and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to making himself and his clients better.  As a professional player who had to cope with a career ending injury Jonny understands the importance of mental and physical wellbeing as well as the role that nutrition plays in both these areas.

During the summer of 2017 I got Johnny to present his story to the Munster Rugby U18 squads.  He was thoroughly engaging, the young players were totally engrossed in what he was saying, which is no easy feat with this age group.

Johnny’s knowledge and experience, means he can deliver a topic from a scientific point of view and a practical point of view.  This was invaluable to us when it came to delivering to young players.

I could not recommend Jonny highly enough.

Feargal O’ CallaghanHead of Age Grade Athletic Performance

Johnny is an absolute gent and a pleasure to work with. I have worked with Johnny both on my own nutrition plan and on my clients plans and the results speak for themselves. The attention to detail he puts into plans is second to none. With Johnny, it’s not about the quick fix results it’s all about health and longevity. He gives plenty of options in his plans so you never get bored. Would definitely recommend

Dillon O’ DonoghueOwner - Limitless Health & Fitness

Johnny’s knowledge of nutrition is incredible, he totally understands my goals and we worked out a plan that was perfect for me. I’ve now lost 3 stone and feel healthier than I ever have, I couldn’t have done it without him, his 24/7 encouragement and support has been invaluable. The plan never felt a diet, it’s been easy to maintain.

Ann Marie Heffernan

Managing an underage team can be challenging and one core area that we wanted to focus on was healthy eating and the benefits of it, and how food fuels the body. After speaking with Jonny before he met the team, I had complete trust in him that he could get the correct message across to them. In this day and age there are loads of people that talk a good game, but Jonny made it happen.

Jonny covered a lot of information, delivered it in a concise manner that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Jonny had obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing the meal plans that he presented to the girls. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge that he was presenting to the team, it was the way he interacted with the team and got them to talk and engage in conversation.

Thank you for your time

Maura Shine
Maura ShineManager Limerick U15 Camogie Team

I got two months diet plans off Jonathan. Found him extremely good as I had gone to different nutritionist in the past. Lost 4% body fat in that time. Will definitely be seeking his services in the future.

Conor Malone

Went to Jonny because i wanted to put on some weight. I had just started training and was finding it hard to gain weight. I had my initial meeting where i outlined what i wanted explained all my food allergies and gave Jonny the difficult task of coming up with a nutrition plan. Within a couple of days i got a detailed clean eating plan with enough variety that I knew I would be able to stick to. Great follow up and check ins has helped me to get the gains I wanted

Cathal Kelly

I felt at ease during the conversation, as Jonny has a great listening and engaging manner. He had prepared well in advance of the conversation, so all the information was concise and very relevant. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for good nutritional advice.

Alan HoranCorporate 1-1

I met Jonathan Holland, through my employer. Based upon a questionnaire that Jonathan had provided he assessed my situation. During our conversation Jonathan assessed ‘my case’ and provided simple but effective advice how I should achieve my defined goals for losing weight and getting fit.

Jonathan came over as an engaged person without being judgemental. It was a pleasure meeting.

Willem HanslerCorporate 1-1

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